Stories are important! – Digital Storyboards

In my culture, stories are important.  Our Elders and “teachers” have always guided us with story.  As I grew up, when my Aunties felt I needed  to “adjust” my own story, they would tell me a story.  I took what I needed from those stories, in fact, I still do.

So, what I know about stories already,  invites the use of Digital Stories, as a teaching tool and the prospects are exciting.  As much as we should be using this approach simply for academic reasons, there are equally as many, maybe even more reasons, to use this approach to build relationships and community and to profile the happy celebration stories that motivate, ground, and inspire us.  Academically, the benefits are too broad to list in this blog, but consider a few:  learning new vocabulary, writing a script, exploring new technology, math problem solving used to time slides or music, the planning that is involved in sequencing the images, and even the relationships developed in the process.  More than enough reasons to try this, but the best reason is making a Digital Story would undoubtedly be fun to make and to watch.

So in my immediate context, I can see this being a fantastic activity for students to use a Digital Story to tell the story of one graduating student in our Graduating Class.  This would become part of an English 20F or 30S class and students who are not graduating would be assigned the task to create a Digital Story, as a small group project.  They would work in groups of 3 or 4 to research, interview, to collect artifacts (photos and images) and to produce a Digital Story.  They would be limited to using only photos and images, no videos,  for the first attempt.  They would be invited to include music and/or voice recordings from the graduate or maybe the graduates family.  These Digital Stories would be a graded assignment, based on provincial learning outcomes.  BUT, more deliciously, these Digital Stories would honour graduates and perhaps motivate and guide those still working towards their goal of a high school diploma.  The completed stories could easily be shown at a graduation event, on a program website, and most definitely at future student orientation sessions.

The project would be introduced with my own Digital Story, that of a teenage mother and adult learning centre graduate, who has gone on to become a school principal.  My Digital Story would be used to teach the steps and to consider the details of their own project.  My Digital Story would be deconstructed in a process allowing student groups to plan their own project and piece.  I would use Microsoft Movie Maker, only because I have used this software before, and I would use both paper and electronic resources.

Finally, there are so many tools available online.  I want to share two in this blog:

1.)  8 steps to Great Digital Storytelling

Check out the 8 steps in the process.  Lays this out nicely.

2.)  Paper Planning Page (there are so many online but I like this one) –

.Stories are important, we all have one and we need to share them.  Happy Storytelling.



One thought on “Stories are important! – Digital Storyboards

  1. This is a fantastic idea! The students will learn digital storytelling, learn about a graduate, receive a grade and in the end it will be something very special for both the graduate and the students who worked hard on it. I am sure a lot of the stories will be very inspirational.


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